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Quilting in the Pandemic

So here we are, sheltering in place and my sewing projects are calling . . . can you hear them? Mercifully, I ordered a few lovely kits before shipping was suspended from our favorite suppliers. Some fabric stores are still delivering if you need new material. I have placemats, a table runner, lap q…

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Handy Quilt Sizes

Whether you're using a quilt kit or starting without a pattern, here's a helpful guide to which quilt sizes fit which size bed.

Crib quilt                             34" by 52"

Twin-bed-sized quilt             70" by 90"

Double-bed-sized quilt       …

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A New Year brings renewed motivation!

What was your New Year's resolution? To complete some of the projects you've started? I just read, from an organizing guru, that we should start no more than two projects at one time. BWAHAHAHHAAAAAAA. Okay, that will never happen. You need one project for the beach, one project for long car rides, …

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New Project

I've been toying with the idea of designing a quilt for our Village, based on several local scenes. Feasible? We'll see!!

The Essence of Quilting

Why is quilting so satisfying? It's kind of illogical. We take perfectly good fabric, cut it up into pieces, then sew it back together. Quilting samples have been found in ancient Egypt as early as 3000 B.C., quilted floor coverings from Asia about 200 AD and even worn in medieval times for warmth. …

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